Rock Point Collection (Books 1-4)

The Rock Point series chronicles the stories of each of the agents of the La Plata County FBI office. These books will take you on a wild ride of romance, danger, passion, and betrayal. Durango, Colorado has never been more adventurous and exciting.

Keeping 6

When Special Agent Damian Gomez walks into the small Books and Brew store looking for coffee, he doesn’t expect to find Kerry Emerson manning the espresso machine. She seems equally surprised but that quickly turns to anger when the annoyingly handsome FBI agent seems to have her confused for a criminal.

Cabin 12

EMT Bella Greene thinks Special Agent Jasper Greene is a narcissistic hotshot, and he, in turn, believes her to be a high maintenance snob. But the moment the first cop is gunned down, they’re forced to work side by side and amid corruption and murder, they quickly discover how misleading first impressions can be.

HWY 550

Investigating a string of robberies places Special Agent Luna Roosberg undercover and on the back of Arrow’s Edge MC President Ouray’s bike. He does not have much choice because with pressure both in- and outside the club mounting, he no longer knows who to trust. Except perhaps the pretty agent who is shaking up his life—and stirring his blood.


Single mom, Marya Berger does not want to be attracted to Special Agent Dylan Barnes. Not only is he several years her junior, but he is also the father of one of the boys on her son’s soccer team. But when the disappearance of a child hits a little too close to home, she finds herself responding to the agent’s need to protect her and her boys.

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