Pearl, GEM, Book 2

GEM: a privately-funded organization operating independently in the search for—and the rescue and recovery of—missing and exploited children. Although, at times  working in conjunction with law enforcement, GEM aims to ensure the victims receive justice…by whatever means necessary. 
Operator Pearl; layered, mysterious, a protector.
She appears delicate, analyzes, and moves stealthily.
Hot on the trail of a young accomplice in a child exploitation ring, Pearl finds herself posing as a teenager to get close. Unfortunately, joining a group of kids on a wilderness quest means stepping out of her comfort zone and into uncertainty. But with the target in her sights her focus stays razor-sharp.
The last thing she needs is the dogged journalist who’s been close on her heels catching up and rattling her cage. When he inserts himself into her investigation, she has no choice but to go along.
Thrown together in a mutual pursuit of justice, the negative energy between them sparks up in a new way. 

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