Life & Limb, PASS, Book Two

Growing up a military brat and spending eight years overseas with the Army Medical Corps, clinical social worker, Willa Smith, has had enough of rules and regulations. Still able to work with veterans as she did at the VA Hospital, she is much happier at the new and far more relaxed South Avenue Shelter, until one of its residents is implicated in a murder.

Former military turned security operative, Dimas Mazur, has worked for PASS security, his brother’s company, since he returned stateside after a disabling injury. The job keeps him busy, but when a homeless veteran he knows runs into trouble with the law, he doesn’t hesitate to jump in. The strong-headed counselor at the shelter where his friend stayed is an unexpected bonus.

Until she puts herself square in the sights of the man he’s trying to take down.

“Go home, Willa.” 

“He’s my responsibility,” she says stubbornly.

“Go home,” I repeat. “He’s my brother. I’ve got this.” 

She folds her arms over her chest with a stubborn lift of her chin.

“Please,” I force from my lips. “I’ll call you later. I promise.” 

I fucking know how Brad is, and until I have a chance to see for myself he’s not curled in a ball drooling on himself, or head-butting anyone who gets too close to him because his demons won this round, I don’t want to expose him any more than necessary. His nightmares are his own to share. He’d do the same for me.

“I’ll give you my—”

“Saved your number when you called, darlin’,” I cut in. 

“Is it too much to ask to let me finish one fucking sentence?” she spits, before she turns on her heel and rushes down the stairs, mumbling, “Fucking men.”

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