High Frequency, HMT 2G, #1

When the rug is pulled from under Detective Sloane Eckhart, she leaves the Billings PD and returns to Libby, Montana.
Eight years ago she left with her pride and the promise of a future, but her heart was broken. On her return, there is no pride left, no prospects to speak of, but at least her heart is safely secured in the back seat.
Still, a bit of groveling, a kind offer of help, and a brand-new job with the sheriff’s office quickly gets her back on her feet.

High Meadow will always be home to Dan Blakely. Working with horses, being part of the HMT search and rescue team, and now building his own home right next door checks all his boxes. Only one thing is missing, but that dream walked out the door a long time ago.
Still, his life is good, steady…and perhaps a little boring.

That quickly changes when the rescue of a young, teenage girl, places the new sheriff’s detective squarely in his path. He’s not bored now, doing his best to keep her safe, even as their past holds them back while they fight for a future.

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