Lock and Load, PASS, Book Three

Juggling two jobs is nothing new for registered nurse, Hillary Glenwood, she’s been doing it for most of her adult life. She has an objective she intends to meet. But, just months before reaching her goal, she witnesses a violent attack outside her apartment that rattles her determination.
However, her carefully controlled life runs completely off the rails when she recognizes the new neighbor coming to the rescue.

As a hacker, Radar Jansen hasn’t always used his expertise in the most respectable ways until he came to work for PASS Security. Normally his time is spent behind a computer, but that doesn’t mean his skills end there.
When—walking his dog one night—he sees a familiar woman rushing into a dangerous situation, his training kicks in.

With Hillary’s safety compromised, the keyboard warrior puts on his real-life armor to shield the woman who is fast becoming his only focus.

When I pull into the parking lot behind the L-shaped building, I notice two of the lights are out again. I’ll have to notify management tomorrow. It’s not the first time that’s happened and since I get home when most people are already asleep in bed, I’d rather not traverse the lot in the pitch dark.

I grab my bag and get out, locking the doors of my 2006 Honda Civic. Keeping a close eye on my surroundings, I make my way to the outside stairway leading up to my apartment.

Halfway up the stairs I hear a noise from the street—it sounds like a muffled scream—and peek through the brush blocking part of my view. It takes me a moment to register it’s a woman, who appears to be struggling with two attackers. The one person goes down when I notice one of the others raise something over their heads, bringing it down sharply.

I find myself already running back down the stairs when the sound of a wet thwack has my stomach roil. My feet keep moving despite the massive stop sign my brain registers. Just as I burst through the bushes onto the sidewalk, I hear another strike.

“Hey! Stop it!” I yell at the top of my lungs, as I see one of the two men bend over the victim. “Leave her alone!”

Both of their heads swing in my direction and I see they’re not men.

They’re boys.

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