Edge of Reason, Arrow’s Edge MC, Book One

Brotherhood and beer meets single mom and apple pie.

I am a riding contradiction.
A scholar, a cynic, a brother, and a biker.

My name is Trunk.
I’m smart enough to recognize the chip on my shoulder, and cautious enough to keep it right where it is.

I am a misguided romantic.
A mom, a daughter, an agent, and a survivor.

My name is Jaimie.
I’m strong enough to look after my family alone, and too stubborn to accept I don’t have to.

We make an odd couple—our differences obvious—but when hatred and danger threatens to destroy everything of value in our lives, we only get stronger.

Stalking over to my driver’s side, he knocks on the window.

“You’re stubborn,” he informs me when I roll it down.

Immediately my annoyance flares into anger. “That’s what you got out of your truck to tell me? I’m stubborn? Coulda saved you the trouble. Been that way all my life, so you’re not telling me anything new. Now if that’s all, I don’t wanna keep you from whatever is so damn important on Christmas you’d bail on your sister, but have a merry one.” With that I close my window.

Next thing I know, my door is yanked open and Trunk shoves his head inside.

“That was rude,” he rumbles, and I can’t help it, I burst out laughing.

“I was rude? Seriously? Dude, you invented the word with your grunts and glares. I guess I must’ve done something awful to you in a previous life, ‘cause I can’t figure out what your beef is with me.”

“No beef.”

“Coulda fooled me,” I scoff.

“No beef,” he repeats, leaning so close I’m almost bent over the center console. “But you are a distraction I could do without.”

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