Dissecting Meredith, On Call, Book Six

Since taking over the county coroner’s office, Meredith “Doc” Carter has been working hard to gain the respect of both her peers and local authorities. Reporting the circumstances surrounding the death of a loved one is often a thankless part of her job. Still, those are the easier cases. Random body parts turning up are substantially more troublesome, and when the facts don’t line up Meredith reaches out to entomologist, Casey Shea for answers.

Detective Jay VanDyken has admired Doc from the sidelines. His recent promotion comes with the added benefit of dealing directly with the silver-haired forensic pathologist, an opportunity he doesn’t plan on wasting. The discovery of partial remains have Jay and Meredith working closely together, but breaking down the pieces to build their case is not the only challenge. Their developing relationship has its own share of problems.

How are you enjoying your new job?”

I glanced over the rim of her glasses.

“It’s okay.”

“You know, it surprised me,” she comments. “Somehow I figured you for a lifer in the uniform.” I try not to let the sting of her comment show, but I know I failed when she follows up with, “Shit. I guess that came out. Wrong. I meant it as a compliment. I’m so used to working with guys who are blinded by ambition, you struck me as one of those rare people satisfied just to be doing a good job.”

“I am.”

I can feel her eyes on me but I keep mine on the road, looking for the turnoff to the boat ramp.

“So why a detective?” she finally asks, putting me on the spot.

That sounds a hell of a lot better.

I can hardly tell her she’s the reason. How I suddenly felt the need to ‘better’ myself after she arrived in Durango. Coming from a family of high-profile achievers I was expected to follow suit, but it’s not what I wanted. The drive for me to reach higher was theirs, not mine, so the uniform I insisted on wearing for the better part of twenty years was my silent fuck you to them.

Until Meredith Carter made me want more.

“It was time,” I stated simply, as I look over and see a smile playing on her lips.


It’s high time in more ways than one.

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